I'd like to do something like this:

db.users.find({}, {name: 1, 'timestampFrom(_id)': 1})

So that I can see creation timestamps against usernames

Is there a way of extracting the timestamp from the ObjectID in a projection?


Take a look at ObjectId.getTimestamp() (Documentation).

You can also map (Documentation) this function with your query.

db.users.find({}, {name: 1, _id : 1}).map(function(u) { return {name: u.name, created: u._id.getTimestamp() } });

Returns a list with custom user objects having the name and new created property.

        "name" : "Jack",
        "created" : ISODate("2014-01-03T21:04:19Z")
        "name" : John,
        "created" : ISODate("2014-01-07T18:12:50Z")

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