When I try this command bower install angular

gives me this result:

bower install angular
bower cloning git://github.com/angular/bower-angular.git
bower cached git://github.com/angular/bower-angular.git
bower fetching angular
bower checking out angular#v1.2.12-build.2216+sha.5850e61
bower error invalid version: 1.2.12-build.2216+sha.5850e61

There were errors, here's a summary of them:
- angular invalid version: 1.2.12-build.2216+sha.5850e61 

Any help is very appreciated

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    The latest according to angularjs.org is 1.2.11 so looks like their getting a bit ahead of themselves here. Perhaps you can specify to install 1.2.11 directly... currently I'm using 1.2.8 because I didn't see all of the dependencies I needed when using 1.2.9 which was released when I setup Feb 4, 2014 at 17:19

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The latest stable version seems to 1.2.11, so try specifying a version like

bower install angular#1.2.11

According to their wiki

1.2.11, cryptocurrency-hyperdeflation is the lastest stable version.

I suggest you visit their official website or wiki page before you run bower. It's also advisable to specifiy a version in future. This advice also applies to all other libraries you intend to use

  • Thank you man, it worked like a charm, it happens with angular-resource repository too.
    – jayM
    Feb 4, 2014 at 17:25
  • This worked for me. It should also be noted that when installing other modules at the same time, to specify the matching version. for example, bower install angular#1.2.11 angular-resource#1.2.11 angular-route#1.2.11 --save
    – JGallardo
    May 28, 2014 at 19:20

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