I have problems with Xampp. It does not execute my php scripts. When I open php file the php code appears in the browser.
When I open Xampp it has these red lines:

Apache Service detected with wrong path
11:53:25 PM  [Apache]   Change XAMPP Apache settings or
11:53:25 PM  [Apache]   Uninstall/disable the other service manually first
11:53:25 PM  [Apache]   Found Path: ERROR: Not Able To Open Service Manager
11:53:25 PM  [Apache]   Expected Path: "c:\xampp\apache\bin\httpd.exe" -k runservice
11:53:25 PM  [Apache]   Problem detected!
11:53:25 PM  [Apache]   Port 443 in use by "httpd.exe"!
11:53:25 PM  [Apache]   Apache WILL NOT start without the configured ports free!
11:53:25 PM  [Apache]   You need to uninstall/disable/reconfigure the blocking application
11:53:25 PM  [Apache]   or reconfigure Apache to listen on a different port

Please help me? What can I do?please....Thanks in advance


with refer to this Q

or With refer to this page:

The easiest way to solve this XAMPP problem is shutdown your Skype, and restart your XAMPP Control Panel. But that is not a smart solution.

So how to solve this port in use issue? In Skype Options: [Connection] , there is a check-box labelled Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections.

This is the root problem, so simply clear / unchecked it and save. You may need to restart Skype.

Restart your XAMPP Control Panel, and the error message is now gone! Try to start Apache, and succeeded.

What if the port is not used by Skype, but by other applications such as TeamViewer or any other things? If so, then XAMPP have to use another port.

How to change Apache default port in XAMPP?

  • From XAMPP Control Panel, under Apache, click the Config button, and select the Apache (httpd.conf).
  • Inside the httpd.conf file, find line that says

    Listen 80
  • And change the 80 into any number / port you want. In this example I’m using port 8080.

    Listen 8080
  • Still from the httpd.conf file, find another line that says

    ServerName localhost:80
  • And change 80 to 8080.

    ServerName localhost:8080
  • Next step, still from XAMPP Control Panel, under Apache, click the Config button again, but this time select the Apache (httpd-ssl.conf). Inside the httpd-ssl.conf file, find line that says

    Listen 443
  • And change the 443 into any number / port you want. I’ll using 4433 as the new port number.

    Listen 4433
  • Still from the httpd-ssl.conf file, find another line that says

    <VirtualHost _default_:443>
    ServerName localhost:443
  • And change 443 to 4433.

    <VirtualHost _default_:4433>
    ServerName localhost:4433

Remember to save httpd.conf file and httpd-ssl.conf after you make some changes.

Now it’s time to fire-up our Apache in XAMPP Control Panel. If your doing good on editing those files, you should see that Apache is running and the port number has changed to 8080 and 4433.

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If you use Windows Go to Task Manager and Stop "httpd.exe"

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  • i go there...but I cant find httpd.exe . What can I do – user3272713 Feb 4 '14 at 23:27

The errors/warnings suggest that you already have another Apache installed as a service, on port 443.

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