I have used putty.exe for ssh client. But putty.exe is not working for 64 bit win os. It works perfectly 32 bit win os.

ques: Am i making some mistakes. if so pls help? Is there any app which works on both 32 and 64 machine for win os? Is there any cmd commands to connect ssh?

info: Putty.exe ver 0.63.10125.0 . Run as administrator used no use. firewall disabled no use. putty.exe runes in separate drive no use.

Error: Network error: Permission denied

  • A colleague had this problem and it was fixed by upgrading to Putty 0.70 – Andomar Jan 23 '18 at 15:52

Oh I found the solution for this problem. Its due to anti virus (ex: norton).
Anti virus blocks all the network permissions. So I have disabled all smart firewall and browser protection from anti virus. it worked fine.
Please disable all third party firewalls too then it will work. It is not 32 and 64 bit issue I think so.


It's usually a firewall problem, especially with third party firewalls, in my case TinyWall for Windows. Simply allow the program access.


I have McAfee Endpoint Security and I had the same problem. Whenever I try to connect with putty I get "permission denied". In this case, I opened McAfee Endpoint Security, went to "Firewall". In "Firewall" I went to "RULES" and pressed "Add Rule", wrote the rule name and went to the bottom to "Executables". In "Executables" I pressed "Add", then "Browse", and added PUTTY executable. That solved this problem for me.

  • Yes it is advisable to add rule in firewall rules, instead of disabling firewall. – Prasaathviki Jan 29 at 14:05

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