I was fiddling around with custom launchers on the Google GLASS (Launchy) and got this screen after a reboot (Complete action using...):

Complete action using

Tapping the GLASS toggles the checkbox, but I can't get past this screen. I successfully uninstalled Launchy from an adb shell, but the problem persists. The device is also not rooted, and I need to keep it that way. ADB debugging is of course enabled.

  • Because I'm not connected to a wifi network, I can't remotely factory restore the device
  • The GLASS is paired with my phone via bluetooth, but attempting a factory restore through the "MyGlass" app is ineffective
  • I can't wipe my userdata via fastboot, probably because I'm not rooted (erasing 'userdata' FAILED (remote failure))
  • Using my phone as a bluetooth keyboard was also ineffective

Any ideas? Anything goes so long as it doesn't void the warranty or risk a hard brick. Thanks.

Here are some related resources:

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Here are a few things to try

1) double check that you really uninstalled launchy. You can get a list of all the installed packages with

adb shell pm list packages -f

if you downloaded any other launcher, that should also be removed.

2) try to bring up the home card with the following adb command:

adb shell am start -n com.google.glass.home/.timeline.MainTimelineActivity

If you can get that far, maybe you'll be able to connect to wifi and do a factory reset that way

3) use the third link you posted under related resources to get instructions on how to do a factory reset from fastboot.

  • Wiping userdata with fastboot -w is apparently the equivalent of a factory reset, which unfortunately didn't work as I specified. The -f parameter was the key. Some 3rd party "Launcher2" and "Settings" apps were named com.android.launcher and com.android.settings (These sounded important). With the -f flag, their apk names were in the form com.android.settings-2.apk (giveaway). Everything's back to normal after uninstalling them. Thanks!!
    – xikkub
    Feb 5, 2014 at 20:17
  • 1
    fix worked, adb uninstall com.android.launcher Wish it wasn't named by that convention. I thought that was native GDK Feb 26, 2014 at 0:36

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