I have just started using Hibernate Envers for audit, and i will like to know if there is a way to get all the revisions of a class between two dates.

up until now i was using:

AuditQuery query = reader.createQuery().forRevisionsOfEntity(MYCLASS.class, false, true);

to get the revisions of a particular date, but is there a way to recover all the revisions between for example: MYDATE1 and MYDATE2?

  • Don't you have method like AuditEntity.revisionNumber().between("field",MYDATE1,MYDATE2)? – Amogh Feb 6 '14 at 0:48
  • what is AuditEntity? – Amogh Feb 6 '14 at 0:54
  • @user1372488 its a class in Hibernate Envers (org.hibernate.envers.query.AuditEntity) like we use Restrictions in Hibernate. – Amogh Feb 6 '14 at 0:59

You can use between method of AuditProperty to Apply a "between" constraint.



If you have a timestamp property on your @RevisionEntity you can use a query like this:

    List<Object[]> revisions = (List<Object[]>) getAuditReader().createQuery()
                .forRevisionsOfEntity(MYCLASS.class, false, true)

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