I am trying to use libsvm with MATLAB to evaluate a one-vs-all SVM, the only issue is that my dataset is not big enough to warrant selecting a specific test set. Thus, I want to evaluate my classifiers using leave-one-out.

I am not particularly experienced in using SVMs, so forgive me if I am a little bit confused as to what to do. I need to generate precision vs recall curves, and confusion matrices for my classifiers but I have no idea where to start.

I've given it a go and came up with the following as a rough start to do the leave on out training but I'm not sure how to do evaluation.

function model = do_leave_one_out(labels, data)
             acc = [];
             bestC = [];
             bestG = [];
             for ii = 1:length(data)
                  % Training data for this iteration
                  trainData = data;
                  trainData(ii) = [];
                  looLabel = labels(ii);
                  trainLabels = labels;
                  trainLabels(ii) = [];

                  % Do grid search to find the best parameters?

                  acc(ii) = bestReportedAccuracy;
                  bestC(ii) = bestValueForC;
                  bestG(ii) = bestValueForG;
             % After this I am not sure how to train and evaluate the final model

I'm trying to provide some modules that you may be interested in, and you can incorporate them into your function. Hope it helps.


scrambledList = randperm(totalNumberOfData);
trainingData = Data(scrambledList(1:end-1),:);
trainingLabel = Label(scrambledList(1:end-1));
testData = Data(scrambledList(end),:);
testLabel = Label(scrambledList(end));

Grid Search (Dual-class case):

acc = 0;
for log2c = -1:3,
  for log2g = -4:1,
    cmd = ['-v 5 -c ', num2str(2^log2c), ' -g ', num2str(2^log2g)];
    cv = svmtrain(trainingLabel, trainingData, cmd);
    if (cv >= acc),
      acc = cv; bestC = 2^log2c; bestG = 2^log2g;

One-vs-all (Used for Multi-class case):

model = cell(NumofClass,1);
for k = 1:NumofClass
    model{k} = svmtrain(double(trainingLabel==k), trainingData, '-c 1 -g 0.2 -b 1');

%% calculate the probability of different labels

pr = zeros(1,NumofClass);
for k = 1:NumofClass
    [~,~,p] = svmpredict(double(testLabel==k), testData, model{k}, '-b 1');
    pr(:,k) = p(:,model{k}.Label==1);    %# probability of class==k

%% your label prediction will be the one with highest probability:

[~,predctedLabel] = max(pr,[],2);

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