Scenario : I have an existing database, say "DemoDB". It has many tables already there. These tables are used in my existing application using LINQ to SQL or ADO.Net technology. Now I have a requirement where I have to add a new table "NewTable" in DemoDB and do the CRUD operation on that. I want to use "Code First Approach" for simplicity. I have defined new class for "NewTable" in my application.

Problem : When I execute my application it removes all the existing tables for my database. I do not want to create classes for existing tables. Only NewTable is remaining there in my database.

Please suggest if there is any cleaner and simpler way to achieve this.


I am not sure whether this would work, but you can research more on this:

Database.SetInitializer<YourDbContext>(null) in the Global.ASAX.

Good Luck !!

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