I am attempting to iterate over the attributes of a Moose object, printing the value of attributes without invoking any lazy builders (though printing if the attribute value exists).

My code so far looks like:

for my $attr ($object->meta->get_all_attributes) {
    my $name = $attr->name;

    # Lazy attributes that have not already been generated will not
    # exist in the object hash.
    next unless exists $object->{$name}

    my $value = $object->$name;
    print $value;

Is there a way of inspecting the object using Moose that will tell me if the attribute value exists, without modifying the Moose class itself?

i.e. a more elegant alternative to the "next unless exists" line in the code above

Thanks for any help and consideration :)


Reading the Moose::Meta::Class documentation will point you to Class::MOP::Class and Class::MOP::Attribute.

You can then write code something like this:

foreach my $attr ($object->meta->get_all_attributes) {
  my $name = $attr->name;

  next unless $attr->has_value($object);

  # Or, perhaps get_value(), depending on your requirements.
  say $attr->get_raw_value($object);

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