This is taken from the Backbone.js documentation:

var musketeers = friends.where({job: "Musketeer"});

Where you can get an array of models where job is equal is "Musketeer". But how do I do the opposite? How can I get an array of models where job is anything else but "Musketeer"?


I don't know of something that's a direct opposite, but you can use a filter to the same effect.

var notMusketeers = friends.filter(function (friend) {
  return friend.job !== 'Musketeer';
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    Technically, filter does not return models. – Upperstage Jul 22 '14 at 18:05

If you're using filter directly on a Backbone collection, you must use it this way:

var notMusketeers = friends.filter(function(model){
    return model.get('job') !== 'Musketeer';

Then notMusketeers will be an array of Backbone model instances.

If friends is just an array of objects (standard collection), you could use the underscore filter this way:

var notMusketeers = _.filter(friends, function(obj){
    return obj.job !== 'Musketeer';


If ES6+ features are available to you, const, destructuring and arrow functions could make it a little less verbose:

const notMusketeers = friends.filter(({ job }) => job !== 'Musketeer');
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