On OSX 10.9 with Virtual Box 4.3.6 and using boot2docker.

1) ./boot2docker ssh
ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

I don't always see the last line. The documentation leads me to believe that this might be a key problem, but attempts to run ssh-keygen to remove keys on the OSX hosts run afoul of a message that the known_hosts file is not valid (though it exists and has worked for other purposes). I never see the login.

2) I see some strange behavior some of which keep me from getting further installing an updated Ubuntu, etc.

bin:98 $ ./docker version 
Client version: 0.8.0 Go version (client): go1.2 
Git commit (client): cc3a8c8 
2014/02/06 09:47:39 unexpected EOF

It would seem that at least the version option has a bug.

Any suggestions as to what either I might have done wrong or whether I need to await a fix?

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I had the same issue: boot2docker#149

My problem is the boot2docker images didn't boot successfully, and I tried downloading boot2docker.iso manually from the "Release Page", it works.

  • Confirmed. It's unexpected that one has to manually insert the iso file into the ~/boot2docker/ subdirectory, but if one does things do work as expected. Feb 23, 2014 at 19:26

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