I'm working in an environment where I'm the only one using PhpStorm. The rest of my coworkers are using PhpDesigner and in that IDE, they are using "File Encoding: ANSI" which I don't seem to find in PhpStorm.

How do I set the file encoding to ANSI in PhpStorm?


ANSI can refer to one of several different character sets see this question for details. Assuming that you are working on US or Western European this should correspond to the windows 1252 character set, which you can set in the File>Settings>File Encoding panel. You can set the default encoding for the IDE as well as special cases for individual projects, directories and files. This information is valid for version 5 of PhpStorm but I expect that this particular settings option will be similar across the different versions.

With newer version of phpstorm, you will find the file encoding in File>Settings>Editor>File Encodings

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