Here is the problem: my client wants to setup a load-balancing wordpress server to handle the increasing number of visitors.

2 Web servers will have setting below:

  • Load balancer x 1
  • Server #1: Linux, Apache, PHP 5, Wordpress 3.8.1
  • Server #2: Linux, Apache, PHP 5, Wordpress 3.8.1
  • Server #3: Linux, MySQL

Load balancer will direct traffic to web server #1, and #2, and #1 and #2 will connect to #3 MySQL to get information.


  • It is a must, so no need to consider another "Wordpress performance enhancement" solution.
  • I understand that it will also has single point of failure, but it is fine. My client just wants that.

My questions:

  1. I will change the wp-config.php file to point to #3 database. Is it ok? Are there any potential problem?
  2. I will also mount the /upload directory to share by two web servers, both writable. Is it fine?
  3. Session problem: how to share session between wordpress? Somewhere on the web I read that the /tmp folder should be shared also, is it true? If I want to save session to database, will it also work?
  4. Apart from the questions above, did I miss other steps that are critical to success? What should I pay attention to also?

Thanks in advance for your help. All other result on the web are just using rackspace, AWS and other service, which is not what I need.


Here is my notes on how to setup my own Load Balancing servers without other cloud services.

Wordpress Load balancing: 2 web servers 1 MySQL without any Cloud services

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