I have a problem. I've made a Qt application which is connecting to a https site. On my working machine, everything works fine. When I try to test my application on a clean Windows 7 machine, I observed the following issue:

After I have installed a fresh Win7 machine (installed all updates), after starting my application, I get a SSL Handshake failed error, SIGNAL(sslErrors(QNetworkReply*,QList)) is emitted with two empty error strings and error = QSslError::NoError. I was really searching the whole day why this happens, also could reproduce it with examples\network\securesocketclient\release\securesocketclient and domain "google.com".

Now, I found out, that once I have started the internet explorer accessing https://www.google.com, my application is also working as expected and no further handshake errors are coming.

BTW, it does not matter which site you are accessing - this is not related to google.com.

Can someone explain to me why this happens? Is it a bug in OpenSSL, or Qt, or both?


I found a way to live with that issue for myself, implementing the following ignore logic:

QSslError ignoreNOErrors(QSslError::NoError);

foreach(QSslError error, errors)
    if(error.error() != QSslError::NoError)
        qDebug() << error.errorString();

QList<QSslError> expectedSslErrors;



You could ignore certificate verify using QSslConfiguration::setPeerVerifyMode():

QSslConfiguration conf = request.sslConfiguration();
  • what happen? I get this problem when I try to connect to a remote address but it works fine to localhost. – Jeff Pal Feb 7 '18 at 21:37

I was facing the same issue on Mac with Qt 5.5 and 5.6. When I upgraded to 5.7 it is solved. Hope it may help if you are still facing this issue.


Have a look at this Qt bug

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