https://posts.so/ seems to allow users to post directly to instagram from the web without going to the instagram api first. How do they do this? I don't see that documented anywhere in the Instagram API?

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The official Instagram API does not allow uploading photos, since they want to encourage "life on the go" usage of the app.

Since posts.so are certainly not using the official API to upload photos, there are 2 ways they could do it:

  • They made a partnership with Instagram, which gave them access to some special Instagram API for partners. This option is highly unlikely, though.

  • They used the unofficial API. This is the API that the Instagram's iOS/Android apps use to upload photos. It can be easily reverse-engineered by using a decompiler or a packet analyzer such as Wireshark.

The unofficial API has been documented here. The specific method that you're looking for is post new media. Check this code for example:


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