I used online YUI Compressor for minifying my javascript file... Now i got minified version of it but i lost the source as i uploaded the source javascript file without taking a copy of it...

  • How can i get source from a minified javascript file?

You will have to work hard, but as a starting point I would recommend you to reformat and reindent the code, there are out there some tools to do it:

That as I said, will give you a starting point, you will need to know the code well to rename your variables and functions properly.

The last option would be to consider a rewrite, which if you know exactly what your script is meant to do, can take less time than refactoring the minified source...

And at last but not least I would recommend you to work always with a version control system and do backups often...


Minified JS file is the source code in fact. It's just highly obfuscated. You can, for example, load this file into Aptana editor and hit ctrl+shift+f to format the source. Or use any other source code formater.

You will get your code structure back, but the variable/function/property names are lost forever.

Hard lesson :)


I've used both the aforementioned

  • JavaScript unpacker and beautifier
  • JavaScript Beautifier

but i find the built-in Chrome Pretty print function in the Developer Tools to have been the the most consistent.

it's under the Scripts tab, in the icon menu alongside Pause on debug, Show/hide console, and Window docking


Here is an example where the referenced file is a minified file and automagically transformed into something legible:


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