I am trying to resize some images, most of which are JPG. But in a few images, I am getting the error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "image_operation_new.py", line 168, in modifyImage
  File "/Users/kshitiz/.virtualenvs/django_project/lib/python2.7/site-     packages/PIL/Image.py", line 1465, in save
   save_handler(self, fp, filename)
  File "/Users/kshitiz/.virtualenvs/django_project/lib/python2.7/site-   packages/PIL/JpegImagePlugin.py", line 455, in _save
    raise IOError("cannot write mode %s as JPEG" % im.mode)
IOError: cannot write mode P as JPEG

I am not changing the image type and I'm using the pillow library. My OS is Mac OS X. How can I resolve the issue?


You need to convert the image to RGB mode.

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    I tried this on a .png file and the resulting .jpg was more than 5 times larger. – Bentley4 Dec 20 '14 at 13:03
  • @Bentley4 PNG can compress certain types of images much better than JPEG – davr Jun 10 '16 at 1:09
  • @Bentley4 you can convert it back to P after resampling – Maksym Ganenko Oct 17 '17 at 11:36

This answer is quite old, however, I thought I will put a better way to do the same by checking for the mode before doing the conversion:

if img.mode != 'RGB':
    img = img.convert('RGB')

This is required to save your image in JPEG format.


summary 1 and 2:

  • backgroud
    • JPG not support alpha = transparency
    • RGBA, P has alpha = transparency
      • RGBA= Red Green Blue Alpha
  • result
    • cannot write mode RGBA as JPEG
    • cannot write mode P as JPEG
  • solution
    • before save to JPG, discard alpha = transparency
      • such as: convert Image to RGB
    • then save to JPG
  • your code
if im.mode == "JPEG":
    # in most case, resulting jpg file is resized small one
elif rgba_or_p_im.mode in ["RGBA", "P"]:
    rgb_im = rgba_or_p_im.convert("RGB")
    # some minor case, resulting jpg file is larger one, should meet your expectation
  • do more for you:

about resize imgae file, I have implement a function, for your refer:

from PIL import Image, ImageDraw
cfgDefaultImageResample = Image.BICUBIC # Image.LANCZOS

def resizeImage(inputImage,
        resize input image
        resize normally means become smaller, reduce size
    :param inputImage: image file object(fp) / filename / binary bytes
    :param newSize: (width, height)
    :param resample: PIL.Image.NEAREST, PIL.Image.BILINEAR, PIL.Image.BICUBIC, or PIL.Image.LANCZOS
    :param outputFormat: PNG/JPEG/BMP/GIF/TIFF/WebP/..., more refer:
        if input image is filename with suffix, can omit this -> will infer from filename suffix
    :param outputImageFile: output image file filename
        input image file filename: output resized image to outputImageFile
        input image binary bytes: resized image binary bytes
    openableImage = None
    if isinstance(inputImage, str):
        openableImage = inputImage
    elif CommonUtils.isFileObject(inputImage):
        openableImage = inputImage
    elif isinstance(inputImage, bytes):
        inputImageLen = len(inputImage)
        openableImage = io.BytesIO(inputImage)

    if openableImage:
        imageFile = Image.open(openableImage)
    elif isinstance(inputImage, Image.Image):
        imageFile = inputImage
    # <PIL.PngImagePlugin.PngImageFile image mode=RGBA size=3543x3543 at 0x1065F7A20>
    imageFile.thumbnail(newSize, resample)
    if outputImageFile:
        # save to file
        # save and return binary byte
        imageOutput = io.BytesIO()
        # imageFile.save(imageOutput)
        outputImageFormat = None
        if outputFormat:
            outputImageFormat = outputFormat
        elif imageFile.format:
            outputImageFormat = imageFile.format
        imageFile.save(imageOutput, outputImageFormat)
        compressedImageBytes = imageOutput.getvalue()
        compressedImageLen = len(compressedImageBytes)
        compressRatio = float(compressedImageLen)/float(inputImageLen)
        print("%s -> %s, resize ratio: %d%%" % (inputImageLen, compressedImageLen, int(compressRatio * 100)))
        return compressedImageBytes

latest code can found here:


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