Hi programmers out there,

I need to create a Datagridview with specified row to display almost like excel gridview. I'm able to create it in vb,but not in C#.

In C# the row will be only inserted if there's data but not by default. For example i need to create 10 rows by default. Can someone help me with this please. Any help will be most of honor.


Try this code

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you can use this :

public void datagridview_datasource(DataGridView dgv,personne[] _lp)

foreach (System.Reflection.PropertyInfo prop in _lp[0].GetType().GetProperties())
    dgv.Columns.Add(prop.Name.ToString(), prop.Name.ToString());

int j;
for (j = 0; j < i; j++)
    dgv.Rows.Add(_lp[j].nom, _lp[j].prenom);


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