In visual studio 2012, also should work with other versions:

Tools > Options > Environment > Keyboard

In the box "Show commands containing:", type "Edit.GoToDefinition", then in the box "Press shortcut keys" hit F12 and click assign.

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Enter Tools > Options > Environment > Keyboard and press the Reset button. Click OK to save changes.

Then enter in Resharper > Options > Environment > Keyboards & Menus. Select Visual Studio and then press Apply Scheme button. Click Save to save changes.

Worked for me.

Credits to F12 no longer works in Visual Studio

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For Resharper 2019 / Visual Studio 2019 this can be changed via the resharper options, under Tools > External Sources. Resetting the keyboard scheme does nothing.

enter image description here

  • worked for me in vs 2022 where goto definition was broken when R# was active.
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The above didn't work for me. I had to remove all keyboard shorcuts and re-applying them:

1) Enter Resharper > Options > Keyboard & Menus:

enter image description here

2) Choose None and then Apply Scheme:

enter image description here

3) Repeat the above, this time choose Visual Studio scheme (don't forget to click Apply Scheme).


Enter Resharper > Environment > Keyboard & Menus. Uncheck Override Visual Studio refactorings

Worked for me.

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