I am developing a flask registration form, and I receive an error:

error 405 method not found.


import os
# Flask
from flask import Flask, request, session, g, redirect, url_for, abort, \
     render_template, flash, Markup, send_from_directory, escape
from werkzeug import secure_filename

from cultura import app

# My app
from include import User

def index():
    return render_template('hello.html')

@app.route('/registrazione', methods=['POST']) 
def registration():
    if request.method == 'POST':
        username= request.form.username.data
        return render_template('registration.html', username=username)
    else :
        return render_template('registration.html')


<head> <title>Form di registrazione </title>

    {{ username }}
    <form id='registration' action='/registrazione' method='post'>
    <fieldset >
    <legend>Registrazione utente</legend>
    <input type='hidden' name='submitted' id='submitted' value='1'/>
    <label for='name' >Nome: </label> 
    <input type='text' name='name' id='name' maxlength="50" /> <br>
    <label for='email' >Indirizzo mail:</label>
    <input type='text' name='email' id='email' maxlength="50" />
    <label for='username' >UserName*:</label>
    <input type='text' name='username' id='username' maxlength="50" />
    <label for='password' >Password*:</label>
    <input type='password' name='password' id='password' maxlength="50" />
    <input type='submit' name='Submit' value='Submit' />


when I visit localhost:5000/registrazione, I receive the error. What am I doing wrong?

  • methods=['POST'] is quite incompatible with if request.method == 'POST': (...) else: – njzk2 Feb 10 '14 at 23:08
  • so. you receive a method no allowed error, and you are doing a GET request on a route that was declared to accept only POST. do you understand why now? – njzk2 Feb 10 '14 at 23:09
  • yes and I add @app.route('/registrazione', methods=['GET', 'POST']) but now I receive error 500 Internal Server Error – Matteo Feb 10 '14 at 23:15
  • 1
    probably because {{ username }} is not defined, but you have the logs, so you should know. – njzk2 Feb 10 '14 at 23:24
  • 1
    I think the username. data is wrong. Just using username = request.form.username should work. – Lukas Graf Feb 10 '14 at 23:31

This is because you only allow POST requests when defining your route.

When you visit /registrazione in your browser, it will do a GET request first. Only once you submit the form your browser will do a POST. So for a self-submitting form like yours, you need to handle both.


@app.route('/registrazione', methods=['GET', 'POST']) 

should work.

  • Thanks, now work. But if I edit def registration(): if request.method == 'POST': username= request.form.username.data return render_template('registration.html', username=username) else : return render_template('registration.html') I receive Internal Server Error – Matteo Feb 10 '14 at 23:11
  • 1
    @Matteo that's a different problem, please create a new question and include the stack trace. – Lukas Graf Feb 10 '14 at 23:21

Example of a flask app using wsgi with JQuery, Ajax and json:


from flask import Flask, jsonify

application = Flask(__name__, static_url_path='')

def activecalls():
    return application.send_static_file('activecalls/active_calls_map.html')

@application.route('/_getData', methods=['GET', 'POST'])
def getData():
    #hit the data, package it, put it into json.
    #ajax would have to hit this every so often to get latest data.
    arr = {}
    arr["blah"] = []

    return jsonify(response=arr)

if __name__ == '__main__':

Javascript json, /static/activecalls/active_calls_map.html:

<script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.1/jquery.min.js">

    //url : "http://dev.consumerunited.com/wsgi/activecalls.py/_getData",
    url : "activecalls.py/_getData",
    type: "POST",
    data : formData,
    datatype : "jsonp",
    success: function(data, textStatus, jqXHR)
        //data - response from server
         alert("'" + data.response.blah + "'");
    error: function (jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown)
         alert("error: " + errorThrown);


When you run this. The alert box prints: "stuff".


Just for people reading on it now. You have to render the /registrazione first, befor you can access the form data. Just write.

    def render_registrazione() -> "html":
        return render_template("registrazione.html")

before you define def registration(). Sequence is key. You can't access data before the even are available. This is my understanding of the problem.

  • Why do you try to answer something that's already been solved clearly a few years ago. I'm afraid your "understanding" is wrong. – gdlmx Mar 2 at 1:24
  • 2
    Because I had the same problem or at least it seems similar to me, because I got the same error message and for me the provided solutions doesn't worked. But if I render the template with the form in my project first and then try to access the form data with a new function and post method everything worked fine. So I thought I can't post to something that doesn't exists. Why shouldn't I post my solution If the other's doesn't wirkt for me? – nullbyte Mar 3 at 10:21

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