How can I read the EXIF data from an image taken with an Apple iPhone using C#?

I need the GPS related data.

PS: I know how to read EXIF except image taken with an Apple iPhone

  • Have you solve this issue? I have the same problem. Apple does not save in PropertyTagGpsLatitude=0x0002 and PropertyTagGpsLongitude=0x0004 :( – andySF Jul 27 '11 at 12:05

I would recommend you take a look at the exiflibrary project on Google Code and its associated ExifLibrary for .NET article on Code Project.

It supports over 150 known EXIF tags including 32 GPS related ones. Getting the latitude and longitude is as easy as:

var exif = ExifFile.Read(fileName);

It even has a neat little demo application with an interactive visualization of the binary data: ExifLibrary demo

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  • I try the demo, but it can not read the EXIF of an image taken with an "Apple iPhone" – zunyite Jan 31 '10 at 12:45
  • I think the demo from Code Project is an older version. You should try compiling the demo app against the latest release (v0.9) from Google Code. – Nathan Baulch Jan 31 '10 at 14:16
  • v0.9 can not extract the GPS EXIF data from IPhone's image – zunyite Jan 31 '10 at 17:12

If you load an image using:

Image image = Image.FromFile(imageName);

The EXIF values are read into the PropertyItems array on the image.

I found some code for interpreting these tags as EXIF data. I can't remember where I got it from now but I've found a copy here. I don't think that the code as it stands reads the geolocation codes, but this page claims to have a list of all EXIF tags, so you could extend this code.

Tag id 0x8825 is the GPSInfo. The GPS tags are enumerated on this page

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The MetadataExtractor library has been available for Java since 2002 and is now fully supported for .NET. It supports Exif GPS data from JPEG files, along with a tonne of other metadata types and file types.

Here are examples of the output from an iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and an iPhone 6.

It's available via NuGet:

PM> Install-Package MetadataExtractor

Then, to access the GPS location, use the following code:

var directories = ImageMetadataReader.ReadMetadata(jpegFilePath);

var gps = directories.OfType<GpsDirectory>().FirstOrDefault();

var location = gps?.GetGeoLocation();

if (location != null)
    Console.WriteLine("Lat {0} Lng {1}", location.Latitude, location.Longitude);

Or to print out every single discovered value:

var lines = from directory in directories
            from tag in directory.Tags
            select $"{directory.Name}: {tag.TagName} = {tag.Description}";

foreach (var line in lines)
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