I'm using Yii framework, and CDbAuthManager class for authorization users. For check one access can use this code:


This code execute a db query, It's here in background:

SELECT * FROM `auth_item` WHERE name='post'

Now If I check other access, then execute another db query:

SELECT * FROM `auth_item` WHERE name='comment'

Now if I need to check many of access, so execute many db query. Now, how can I check multi access, So that just execute single query db. For example I wish have a code be like this:

Yii::app()->user->checkAccess(array('post', 'comment'));

And maybe execute be like this query for that:

SELECT * FROM `auth_item` WHERE name IN ('post', 'comment');

Any idea?!

i think the following code, may work for you

Yii::app()->user->checkAccess('name', array('post', 'comment'))
  • It's wrong, the second argument is for set params for bizRule, and is not for check an operation rule. – Nabi K.A.Z. Feb 12 '14 at 20:56
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I find a solution and write a component for it here: http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/auth-component/

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