I'm having some trouble getting hasMany relationships to auto load (default or async) - I'm using the "links" attribute so i can use a custom url for children, and using a custom serializer to put the links attribute in since the server doesn't provide it - is this not supported? (using ember data 1 beta 6 and ember 1.3.2)

App.Bag = DS.Model.extend({
    elements: DS.hasMany('element')
App.Element = DS.Model.extend({
    name: DS.attr('string')
App.BagSerializer = DS.RESTSerializer.extend({
    extractSingle: function(store, type, payload, id, requestType) {
        payload.links = {"elements": "/bags/" + id + "/elements"};
        return this._super(store, type, payload, id, requestType);

I'm able to load a Bag fine, but the elements array is never populated, I never see a call to the /bags/id/elements url. Am I doing something wrong?


  • I don't know if this fixes your issue, but you should have inside the Element model bag: DS.belongsTo('bag') – TheDude Feb 12 '14 at 2:02
  • I realize it's meen 2+ years, but have you figured this out? I'm struggling with a very similar situation... – Pascal Bourque May 20 '16 at 1:35

How about if you specify the elements relationship is asyc? Like this:

App.Bag = DS.Model.extend({
    elements: DS.hasMany('element', {async: true})

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