I have successfully integrated CK Editor in my Rails 4 app through galetahub/ckeditor gem. I use CK Editor in my app to create a Post which is a model. CK Editor works fine while creating the post but after creating the text is shown as plain html code and not as the styled one which I created through CK Editor.


 <div class="field">
    <%= f.label :content %><br>
    <%= f.cktext_area :content %>


  <%= @post.content %>

I have also tired raw(@post.content) and @post.content.html_safe but the blockquote are not appearing as it is when created.


CKEditor is known as a WYSIWYG editor, which means it stores pure HTML in your DB

There are two issues which your system may have:

  1. CKEditor is not saving the HTML to your database correctly
  2. You're not calling the HTML code correctly in your app


I would start by looking into the database -- is your CKEditor saving the HTML?

In your posts / content column, you should have a series of records with valid html syntax. If not, your problem will be with how you're saving the data from your CKEditor


raw() and .html_safe basically process the Rails variables as actual HTML (meaning <p> will be rendered as a paragraph etc)

If you're seeing the code outputted "naked" (you can just see <p> etc), I would imagine the problem would be with the type of code you're submitting (you mentioned blockquotes)

Could you update us with the code that's being outputted?


CKEditor will filter the inline-style and javascript by default.

The easiest solution is going to the config.js and setting:

config.allowedContent = true;

refer to: CKEditor automatically strips classes from div

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