I got a webbrowser control in vb.net, and a page is loaded there, the page has image and I want to be able to store that image in a bitmap variable.

Can't issue any further http requestes using the image url because the image changes on each request.

the image is downlaoded in the webbrowser via HTTPS connection.

  1. Tried the URLToFile thing and it didn't find the image
  2. Tried the execCommand and copying to clipboard but the clipboard always returned Nothing.
  3. Can't really take a screenshot of the image area because the Webbrowser control will be hidden from users on form.


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Found the perfect solution..here it goes.

Using FiddlerCore you should listen to the http/https requests made by the browser using FiddlerCore's BeforeResponse event.

At some point when the Webbrowser downloads the image the BeforeResponse will give you Session object with a response data (Session.ResponseBody) that contain the image data.

So you need to find the correct Session via url (also can be accessed with Session.fullurl and get the image data (Session.ResponseBody)

After that you need to convert the response data to bitmap using this:

 Dim ms As New IO.MemoryStream
 ms.Write(ressess(ri).ResponseBody, 0, ressess(ri).ResponseBody.Length)
 currcapimg = System.Drawing.Image.FromStream(ms)

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