My C project has following structures. This is the structure for a large project, I can't change the structure. I want to use YouCompleteMe for semantic code completion for this project.

main/                     // folder for C file to be compiled
  |- module1.c            // module main C file.
  |- module2.c
  |- .....
  |- mod1_func1.c         // function file to be included in main module C file.
  |- mod1_func2.c
  |- mod2_func3.c
  |- mod2_func1.c
  |- mod2_func2.c
  |- mod2_func3.c

Content for moduleX.c, this will include all related header files and module related C files.

#include "header1.h"
#include "header2.h"
#include "modX_func1.c"
#include "modX_func2.c"

Content for modX_funcX.c has one or few function definitions. Doesn't have header included

// no header file included here
int modX_funcX(void) {.....}

Because there is not related header included, clang must parse moduleX.c in order to do code completion on modX_funcX.c, I have tried clang code completion from command line. Command below works

clang -x c -fsyntax-only -code-completion-at mod1_func1.c:4:11 module1.c 

So my question: how to configure YouCompleteMe to do code completion when I edit the modX_funcX.c file?

I guess modification to YouCompleteMe source might required to do this job. My current idea is to add a file mapping database with format:


So before send the code completion request, get path_of_file_for_clang_to_parse from database based on current buffer name, pass this file name to libclang.

Is my idea workable? If Yes, where is exactly place to add this file mapping function?

  • I don't know why c is tagged – Chinna Feb 13 '14 at 6:24
  • @Chinna c tag removed. Sorry about that. – yongzhy Feb 13 '14 at 6:28
  • Does YCM respect the vim option 'path'? Try editing mod1_func1.c and :set path+=/path/to/main/module1.c. Does that help? If so, then you can use an autocommand or a modeline to do this automatically. – benjifisher Feb 13 '14 at 12:22
  • I am not sure if YCM respect vim path. Even if it yes, The project has over 15000 source and header files, this may not a proper way. And I have some similar workspaces for different product lines. – yongzhy Feb 13 '14 at 12:31
  • have you looked at CompilationDatabase support? it may work for you, take a look at the help... but in any case, this structure looks much lame, like trying to embed Make using includes... – pepper_chico Feb 14 '14 at 3:05
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I think my project structure is really lame, as said by pepper_chico, but no choice, I can't change it. In the passed few days, I did some hacking to both YouCompleteMe and libclang by change the API call of libclang to pass input_filename in additional to complte_filename.

This is a dirty hacking, but it works for me now. In case anyone might interesting, I have write a post to briefly record down my analysis and hacking process.

Update 2015-02-03

1 Year later, when I look back at this problem, I finally figured out a better way to hack YouCompleteMe for my need. Details look here

My modification on GitHub here, take note the branch name is lamely for now.

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