I am building a property management system for desktop and I am currently working on a payment feed feature. I want the payment amount to be highlighted in a different color within my label to improve readability.

I have tried the following approach:

String datePaid  = "just now";
Label amount = new Label("350");
Label label2 = new Label("paid £" + amount.getText() + " " + datePaid);

I then tried to apply the following CSS

    amount.setStyle("-fx-text-fill: #000 !important; -fx-highlight-text-fill: #000 !important; -fx-font-family: Arial");
    label2.setStyle("-fx-text-fill: #fff; -fx-font-size: 14px; -fx-translate-x: -36; -fx-translate-y: 24; -fx-font-family: 'Open Sans Light'");

I thought by declaring !important I would override the styles applied in label2, but instead all text renders to the screen in #fff

How would I go about achieving the desired result?


Please try using Text inplace of Label for amount. I hope it will fix the issue. You can directly apply color to the Text as well.

Text amount = new Text("350");

My solution for this was to use a TextFlow pane:

TextFlow textFlowPane = new TextFlow();
Text redText = new Text("This is red text...");
Text greenText = new Text("followed by green text");
textFlowPane.getChildren().addAll(redText, greenText);

Red and green text with textFlow

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