<option value="test">label </option>

The value can be retrieved by $select.val().

What about the label?

Is there a solution that will work in IE6?

  • You mean how to get value of selected, the selected value ? which is in your case label ? – ant Feb 1 '10 at 9:47
  • This question should be reworded to say "How to get text of select option with jQuery?" and all references to label should be replaced with text to avoid confusion with the label attribute. – Joel Davis Nov 13 '15 at 0:35

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Try this:

$('select option:selected').text();

Hi first give an id to the select as

<select id=theid>
<option value="test">label </option>

then you can call the selected label like that:

jQuery('#theid option:selected').text()
  • This is exactly what I was looking for! – DirtyBirdNJ Aug 12 '13 at 5:10

For reference there is also a secondary label attribute on the option tag:

//returns "GET THIS" when option is selected
$('#selecter :selected').attr('label'); 


<select id="selecter">
<option value="test" label="GET THIS">
Option (also called label)</option>

To get the label of a specific option in a dropdown yo can ty this --

$('.class_of_dropdown > option[value='value_to_be_searched']').html();


$('#id_of_dropdown > option[value='value_to_be_Searched']').html();
$("select#selectbox option:eq(0)").text()

The 0 index in the "option:eq(0)" can be exchanged for whichever indexed option you'd like to retrieve.

This is helpful: http://www.myphpetc.com/2009/03/jquery-select-element-cheat-sheet.html

<SELECT id="sel" onmouseover="alert(this.options[1].text);"
<option value=1>my love</option>
<option value=2>for u</option>

Try this:

$('select option:selected').prop('label');

This will pull out the displayed text for both styles of <option> elements:

  • <option label="foo"><option> -> "foo"
  • <option>bar<option> -> "bar"

If it has both a label attribute and text inside the element, it'll use the label attribute, which is the same behavior as the browser.

For posterity, this was tested under jQuery 3.1.1

Created working Plunker for this. https://plnkr.co/edit/vR9aGoCwoOUL9tevIEen $('#console').append("<br/>"+$('#test_s :selected').text())

In modern browsers you do not need JQuery for this. Instead use


Or specify any DOM element instead of document

You're looking for $select.html()


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    That just returns the html for all option elements. The label text is /in/ there somewhere, but it's not the most efficient way to get at it. – MSpreij Aug 31 '12 at 14:05

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