I have a document collection like given below, I need to check the inner collection RuleList if value exists then update the collection or else insert the new item to the collection RuleList using mongodb c#. I was able to update the RuleName and RuleDesc by query with the objectId.

    "_id": ObjectId("4fb21439f31dfd122ce39c4a"),
    "RuleName": "Rule 1",
    "RuleDesc": "Rule for log"
        "No" : "1",
        "Name" : "LogRule",
        "Field" : "Log"},{
        "No" : "2",
        "Name" : "IDRule",
        "Field" : "IDEntry"}]

In C# simplest way to perform this operation is to use BsonDocument class from Official Mongo DB C# driver (http://www.nuget.org/packages/mongocsharpdriver/)

For each document in collection, you need to first take "RulesList" AsBsonArray. On BsonArray you can perform LINQ query.

Let say for above document you want to check if any item inside "RuleList" array has "Log" value in "Field" property ?

  var result = document["RulesList"].AsBsonArray.Any(b => b["Field"].AsString == "Log");
  if (result)
     //do update
     //do insert

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