Take the following:

highestScore->Data( ) // wchar_t *Platform::String::Data     
startMenuItems.push_back( L"Highest score: " ); // startMenu is an array of wstring

How do I do the following?

startMenuItems.push_back( L"Highest score: " + highestScore->Data( ) );

I get the following error:

Error no operator "+" matches these operands
operand types are: const wchar_t[16] and const wchar_t*

It ends up getting used here:

virtual HRESULT CreateTextLayout(
  [in]   const WCHAR * string,
  UINT32  stringLength,
  IDWriteTextFormat * textFormat,
  FLOAT  maxWidth,
  FLOAT  maxHeight,
  [out]  IDWriteTextLayout ** textLayout
) = 0;

for the 1st parameter...

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Try this:

    std::wstring(L"Highest score: ") + highestScore->Data());

You need to #include <string>.


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