I am trying to share my page on Google Plus.. but the problem is that google plus is using my website logo to display as my post image on google Plus screen. I want it to display my posts image not the website logo.. how can i do that.. i am using following code to share the link /+1/confirm?hl=ru&url=">https://plusone.google.com//+1/confirm?hl=ru&url=

Is there any way by which i can also set my iimage url which will display as my post image on Google Plus. Some thing like this /+1/confirm?hl=ru&url=URL&img=ImageUrl">https://plusone.google.com//+1/confirm?hl=ru&url=URL&img=ImageUrl

i have also tried this but no success, may be i am trying wrong url. If somebody knows please share the URL here. Thanks.


try to use og:image meta-property:

<meta property="og:image" content="http://mylink.com/myimg.png">

see, it works on my webpage


I have hit the same snag also. You cannot use a +1 with your own functions or callers. You need to use the google code to make that happen.

What you can do however is use a javascript share window to pass your own parameters.

This is what I use.

function shareToGooglePlus(destination,title,description,imageurl)
            var go = "https://plus.google.com/share?";
            var url = "url="+encodeURIComponent(destination);
            var title = "title="+encodeURIComponent(title);
            var description = "content="+encodeURIComponent(description);
            var images = "image="+encodeURIComponent(imageurl);

The resulting url is a new window opened with the url:


if you wish to use google's +1 button I suggest using microformats in your website


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