I am using jasmine to test my angular code.

On the top of each file with specs I am having a bunch of references.

For example these are the references I need in one of my tests:

/// <reference path="../../../../../Project/Scripts/angular.js" /> 
/// <reference path="../../../../../Project/Scripts/angular-route.js" />
/// <reference path="../../../../../Project/Scripts/angular-mocks.js" />
/// <reference path="../../../../../Project/Scripts/angular-animate.js" />
/// <reference path="../../../../../Project/Scripts/App/app.js" />
/// <reference path="../../../../../Project/Scripts/App/Common/Directives/ngProgress.js" />
/// <reference path="../../../../../Project/Scripts/App/Modules/Naviagation/navigationApp.js" />
/// <reference path="../../../../../Project/Scripts/App/Common/Directives/angularBootstrapNavTree.js" />
/// <reference path="../../../../../Project/Scripts/App/Common/Factories/commonFactory.js" />
/// <reference path="../../../../../Project/Scripts/App/Modules/Naviagation/NavigationBar/navigationFactory.js" />

Is there another way to declare all those references. For example, something like:

/// <reference path="../../../../../Project/Scripts/* (this does not work)


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    Why not using Karma? It will allows you to do that (include all files in a defined directory) directly in the config file.
    – glepretre
    Feb 14 '14 at 10:32
  • I am using Visual Studio 2013 with Chutzpah test runner. As far as i know, Karma is not integrated well with team foundation build server...
    – Mdb
    Feb 14 '14 at 10:52

Chutzpah does let you do that in a few different ways.

One way is to have a reference path to a folder (omit that *):

/// <reference path="../../../../../Project/Scripts" />

That will get all files (recursively) in that folder.

If you want more control you can use the references setting in a chutzpah.json file

    "References": [
        { "Path": "../../../../../Project/Scripts", "Include": "*.js", "Exclude": "*Resource*" }

Karma will work better, you can do stuff like scripts/**/*.js to include every js file under scripts

or you can use requirejs and list them like this:

require(["angular.js", "angular-route.js"]

or a more hackicsh approach like:

requireJS an entire folder


I was able to do the trick using web essentials. It allows selecting all the javascript references(files) I need, through different location of the project, and group them in one bundle. And I need to reference only the bundle in my spec like this:

/// <reference path="../../../../../Project/Scripts/navigationControllerReferencesBundle.js" /> 

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