In iPython one can write equations using latex syntax which is interpreted by MathJax.

But now I want to do also other fancy latex stuff in iPython like writing pseudocode with some latex packages. Is there a possibility to write something like this in iPython?


   \If {$i\geq maxval$}
      \State $i\gets 0$
      \If {$i+k\leq maxval$}
         \State $i\gets i+k$

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Sadly, it seems external latex packages like algorithmicx aren't supported (https://github.com/ipython/ipython/issues/6524).

One way you can extend your ability to hack latex together in that environment is IPython.display.Latex. With it you can dynamically create a string and display it as Latex. Not as convenient as what you're looking for, but might suffice for some use cases.

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