I am trying to use phpMyAdmin to access a remote MySQL database so I created a config.inc.php file (copying config.sample.inc.php) and added a server. Now this other server appear as an option in the login page but when connecting I receive this error: MySQL said #1115 - Unknown character set: 'utf8mb4'. Is there a workaround? Is there a configuration I can set? Any help highly appreciated.

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Edit the following files:

<install path>/libraries/DatabaseInterface.class.php
<install path>/libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php

And change all instances of 'utf8mb4' to 'utf8'.

It seems to have worked for me.

  • its work for me as well. thanks Shane – anuruddhika Jul 21 '14 at 9:57
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    This worked for me also. I hate the new phpMyAdmin. – swt83 Sep 1 '14 at 17:49



search for 'utf8mb4' and replace it with 'utf8' in two consecutive lines like below

 $default_charset = 'utf8';
 $default_collation = 'utf8_general_ci';

If you've already edited the lines in the files mentioned in RAHUL-BHOLA and Shane's answers:

<install path>/libraries/DatabaseInterface.class.php
<install path>/libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php

And are still getting this error, and you're exporting a database from one phpMyAdmin installation to another phpMyAdmin installation, you can fix the error by deleting the following line in the .sql export file:

/*!40101 SET NAMES utf8mb4 */;

If you want to force export as well. You must edit file:

<install path>/libraries/plugins/export/ExportSql.class.php

and comment out following (from line 740) :

if ($set_names == 'utf8' && PMA_MYSQL_INT_VERSION > 50503) {
    $set_names = 'utf8mb4';

This will force export in SQL to be what you want to be. But you must first do changes in files (as was mentioned before)

<install path>/libraries/DatabaseInterface.class.php
<install path>/libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php

New forced encoding in phpmyadmin is a pain in ass, because not all web hosting do recent updates. Such a stupid design!

There is an incompatibility with phpMyAdmin 4.1.x and MySQL <= 5.5

Install phpMyAdmin 4.0.x

I found that changing a portion of code located in files such as:

<install path>/libraries/DatabaseInterface.class.php <install path>/libraries/plugins/export/ExportSql.class.php





does the trick

  • It worked for me two, and it seems to me more elegant. – Oleksiy Muzalyev Dec 4 '15 at 15:21

Use firefox, if You can live with that.

I got this error on only one database with Chrome. Firefox worked fine. Chrome even worked fine with a master/master replika of the faled database.

The edit in DatabaseInterface.class.php mentioned above solved the issue for Chrome.

I have update the sql file that I exported by replacing
utf8mb4' to 'utf8'.
It worked for me. It happens due to improper mysql version.

Change at the time of export the old database: Database system or older MySQL server to maximize output compatibility with ->mysql 4

thats it

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