I'm trying to convert data retrieved from my Laravel model to a JSON object as outlined in the Backbone docs.

My problem is that when I encode the data all I get are the public properties and none of the (protected) attributes - the ones I actually want. This is how I go about it:


$movie = Movie::with('awards.award', 'customAwards.awardCustom', 'cast.person', 'imdb.rottenTomatoes')->find($id);

return View::make('movie')->with(array(
    'movie'     => $movie


<script type="text/javascript">
    DS.Resources.Movie = {{json_encode($movie)}};

DS.Resources.Movie output


If I var_dump $movie I can see the protected attributes like title, year, a cast collection, awards collection etc. How do I access these properties and map them to my JSON object?


In Eloquent, you should use ->toJson() as it correctly only gets the model's attributes, rather than general class properties. Similarly, it'll get your relationships if you used a ->with() I think.

If you don't want certain attributes to come out in the JSON (like password fields) you can specify an array in your class called hidden, see the docs.


You should unprotect them in your model. Also you should realize you can use ->toJson() on your model instead of json_encode'ing it.

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