I know this question is asked before but I could not find any right solution for that

I have install jenkins on my windows 7 as windows service, it works fine with default URL localhost:8080, but when I set //mycomputerName:8080 in configuration system- jenkins location and then save it and restarted jenkins and enter //mycomputerName:8080 in browser address jenking will not open. I have done the same installation on my laptop windows 7 without any problem, but on my desktop I have installed, uninstalled several times with the same problem.

  • Did you read the answers to e.g. stackoverflow.com/questions/11221238? – Oliver Charlesworth Feb 16 '14 at 1:12
  • possible duplicate of What does "Jenkins URL" means in configuration settings? – Hamid Nazari Feb 16 '14 at 1:30
  • Oli thanks for your response, yes I read this answer but it is not really solution or it did not say how to fix it, I know that I have to go to manage jenkins--configuration system then in the jenkins location put the jenkins URL in the text box, but it does not change anything. – Mardavij Feb 16 '14 at 16:13
  • Thanks Hamid, what do you mean by configuration setting, are you talking about configure system or config.xml file anyway I did not see any duplication. – Mardavij Feb 16 '14 at 16:19

I just want to give my solution

  1. Go to Jenkins Home Directory ( I have mine in C:\Jenkins)
  2. Edit jenkins.xml
  3. Add this --prefix=/jenkins to the end of the argument as show below and restart the jenkins service ALL worked OK for me !

Example : <arguments>-Xrs-Xmx256mDhudson.lifecycle=hudson.lifecycle.WindowsServiceLifecycle -jar "%BASE%\jenkins.war" --httpPort=8080 --prefix=/jenkins</arguments>

  1. Open Url http://localhost:8080/jenkins this should bring up the home page of jenkins
  • In addition, double quotes were also required as --prefix="/jenkins" – Ankur Jan 11 at 9:40

As I said in my question above many people have asked this question and had the same problem but all answer have been something from jenkins documentation and actually not solution. so finally I found the problem and write it here probably for some people with the same problem

first I uninstalled jenkins removed all files, folder and everything related to jenking also from windows registry and installed jenking but did not work. reinstalled windows (upgrade) and installed jenking again but did not work. next I clean reinstalled windows and installed jenkins and in this case jenkins works as I expected but I do not know what was wrong with the windows.

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