Okay here's the overview. There's a Laravel 4.0 project in Bitbucket. I want to update this to version 4.1 so a Branch was created. I downloaded the Branch, but did not do the changes to that Branch. I kept is in a separate folder, downloaded a fresh new copy of Laravel 4.1 and moved the necessary files from the 4.0 Branch to the fresh 4.1 source. And changed the config settings as well.

Now I want to commit this fresh project back. Can someone please tell me if its possible to upload the fresh 4.1 project as a brand new Branch? If so how to do it?

I have downloaded the SourceTree as well. If you can tell me how to do it through the GUI, its even better. Either way is fine though.

Thank you.


use cherry-pick or rebase: How to copy commits from one branch to another?

or rename your branch with:

git branch -m old_branch new_branch

and push this with:

git push origin your_branch_name -f

you can go to an existent branch and get your commits from another branch using git cherry-pick commit-hash-here, or if your changes are not commited, you can stash your changes using git stash and unstashing the changes in the other branch (executing git stash pop)

Are you asking for that?

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