I want to convert WorkItemCollection to a List<WorkItem>, so that I could convert it further into a dictionary. Here's the code so far:

var testItemCollectionList = new List<WorkItem>();
WorkItemCollection testItemCollection;
Query query = new Query(project.Store, "Select [Title] From WorkItems", testResults.Select(item => item.TargetId).ToArray());
var car = query.BeginQuery();
testItemCollection = query.EndQuery(car);
testItemCollectionList = ???;
var testItemMapQuery = testItemCollectionList.ToDictionary(w => w, createItemFromQuery);

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testItemCollectionList = (from WorkItem mItem in testItemCollection select mItem).ToList();

Since WorkItemCollection implements IEnumerable through ReadOnlyList, you should be able to use .Cast<WorkItem>() then directly convert to a Dictionary.

var testItemMapQuery = testItemCollection.Cast<WorkItem>()
                                         .ToDictionary(w => w, createItemFromQuery);

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