General question: How does one start a systemd .service after a particular .service has started successfully?

Specific question: How do I start website.service only after mongodb.service has started? In other words website.service should depend on mongodb.service.

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In the .service file under the [Unit] section:

Description=My Website mongodb.service

The important part is the mongodb.service

The manpage describes it however due to formatting it's not as clear on first sight

systemd.unit - well formatted

systemd.unit - not so well formatted

  • Our mongod service starts a very large database. The subsequent service does not start correctly because it seems mongo takes more time to load the database after start. So our 2nd service starts but fails because mongo has started successfully but has not loaded the database. Maybe a delay could help... – wayofthefuture Sep 10 '17 at 17:43
  • Is it possible for systemd service to handle following scenerio .Consider multiple services A,B,C,D . If A exists I want B,C,D to start only after A else if A doesnt exist B,C,D may start in any order . Please help – achilles Apr 4 at 13:18

After= dependency is only effective when service including After= and service included by After= are both scheduled to start as part of your boot up.



This way, if both a.service and b.service are enabled, then systemd will order b.service after a.service.

If I am not misunderstanding, what you are asking is how to start b.service when a.service starts even though b.service is not enabled.

The directive for this is Wants= or Requires= under [Unit].


The difference between Wants= and Requires= is that with Requires=, a failure to start b.service will cause the startup of a.service to fail, whereas with Wants=, a.service will start even if b.service fails. This is explained in detail on the man page of .unit.