I am trying to install the fpc package. According to


it's easy: just type install.packages("fpc", dependencies = TRUE)

I did that. But after 10-15 minutes of downloading whatever and thousands of lines flushing down my screen, RStudio did not react anymore.

Now I'm trying to install without dependencies = TRUE and get this error:

ERROR: dependencies ‘mclust’, ‘flexmix’ are not available for package ‘fpc’

Then I tried to do install.packages("mclust")

but I get this:

package ‘mclust’ is not available (for R version 2.14.1)

Why can I not just install that package fpc? It seems to be quite prominent, so why is it so complicated to install it?


Upgrade R to ver 3.x and You can install fpc from menubar on Rstudio

Choose Tools >> Install Package >> then type "fpc"

It will then download automatically.

I'm using Rstudio ver 0.98.1002 and R ver 3.1.2

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