If I have an input text field whose value is exceeding the ng-maxlength upon form load (the input is still $pristine, not $dirty), the input field is misleadingly blank, while the ng-model still has data.


I want the input to present the same data as what the modal has, why is it showing me a blank?

Is this a bug? Or intended behavior?


This is because after exceeding the ng-maxlength criteria, angular js treats the input as undefined. You can use html maxlength attribute with the ng-maxlength. Html maxlength will restrict the input value to that limit only and ng-model will store the input value for the limited length only. And you can use ng-maxlength for showing error upon exceeding the limit.

  • that works if you start with something short and try to exceed the max length. However if your form is prepopulated with a string that already exceeds the max-length and you attempt to shorten the string, the model data will go blank until the validation passes. I wonder if there is a way to prevent that undefined behavior and keep the value the same as the view value? – Homan Feb 19 '14 at 22:50
  • If the form starts with the populated string that already exceeds the max-length then you should try to do checking for max-length in the controller itself.. – Anita Feb 20 '14 at 4:51

adding ng-model-options="{ allowInvalid: true }" to the html element fixed this for me.

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