What is the programming interface to querying device capabilities in wurfl?


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WURFL Creator here. ScientiaMobile recently launched a new way to make WURFL available to developers. I advise you check out http://wurfl.io/

In a nutshell, if you import a tiny JS file:

<script type='text/javascript' src="//wurfl.io/wurfl.js"></script>

you will be left with a JSON object that looks like:

 "complete_device_name":"Google Nexus 7",

(that's assuming you are using a Nexus 7, of course) and you will be able to do things like:

if(WURFL.form_factor == "Tablet"){

This is what you are looking for.

Disclaimer: I work for the company that offers this free service. Thanks.


I would recommend Tera-WURFL for PHP & MySQL. Check it out at the Tera-WURFL Website.


For Python, I recommend pywurfl. You can read more on how to use it here.


There are APIs for Java, PHP and .NET, all listed in a rather chaotic fashion here. I know the Java API is pretty good, I have no idea how good the others are.


Depending to the language you will use. The official java,php and .NET api are pretty good.


A simple .NET Wurfl api example:

    protected virtual IDevice GetDeviceInfo(string userAgent)
        IWURFLManagerProvider<IWURFLManager> wurflManagerProvider = new WURFLManagerProvider();
        IWURFLManager wurflManager = wurflManagerProvider.WURFLManager;
        return wurflManager.GetDeviceForRequest(userAgent);

More importantly, once you have the info, how reliable is it and what capabilities are useful?


For .NET, we've been using the 51degrees solution here: 51 Degrees

Keep in mind that the WURFL licencing has recently changed in case it applies to you.

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