I am new to observation, although the repository supports observation, onEvent() is never invocked. Here're the details:

I created a Param class, and it's just a POJO with setters and getters hasing properties that each represents a parameter for: ObservationManager.addEventListener()

I careted an interface XListener that extends EventListener, and defined a method: Params getParameters().

Crated MyEventListener implements XListener and implements the getParameters() and onEvent() getParameters() just populate a Param object (with NODE_ADDED) and return it to be used later to add this listener, and onEvent() currently it only prints out a message NEW NODE ADDED.

Then created a new class ListenerRigistrar and added it in the applicationContext.xml for Spring with a which is a set of XListeners. Added a new bean for MyEventListener.

back to ListenerRegistrar, I iterate over the set of listeners and use the Params object embeded with the listener to call ObservationManager.addEventListener()

The problem is that the message NEW NODE ADDED is never printed means onEvent() method is never invocked!!

Can anyone help me please?

Thank you in advance.

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I would say the problem you have is that your ListenerRegister is never being invoked (looks like it's simply declared it in the application context).

As you're using Spring and JCR, I suggest you use Spring Modules, and follow these instructions.

Good luck,


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