My TYPO3 website uses TYPO3 6.1 with the included RTE. What I want to archive is to wrap links with a DIV when a condition (link has class) it met.

The editor should only do the following:

  1. Create a new text in the RTE (e.g. "My link")
  2. Create a new link for the new Text in the RTE
  3. Select a class for the link (e.g. "myClass")

This results in the following HTML:

<a href="#" class="myClass" title="sometitle">My Link</a>

In the website frontend, I want the user created link to be wrapped with a DIV - but only, if the link has the class "myClass".

I have tried the following

tt_content.text.20.parseFunc.tags.link.typolink.wrap = <div class="anotherClass">|</div>

which wraps all links with the DIV.

Is there a way in TS to only wrap the link, when the editor has selected "myClass" for it?

If not, is there another (editor friendly) way to archive this?

I have already looked at custom userElements and blockformats, but both seems to be too complicated for the editors, since they have to do more than one operation to create a single link with a special styling.

My resulting HTML in the frontend should look like this

<div class="anotherClass">
  <a href="#" class="internal-link" title="sometitle">My Link</a>

My last choise would be to use JQuery - but actually this is'nt a very clean solution so I would prefer a TYPO3/TS solution.

  • Why do you need that additional tag? Maybe you could also use css with :before and :after ? – Benjamin Feb 18 '14 at 18:04
  • The additional tag is needed to add some additional CSS Styling to the link. :before and :after is'nt a suitable solution for me in this case. – derhansen Feb 20 '14 at 9:28

After some hours of debugging with Typoscript I finally figured out how to solve this issue. I used a similar technique as shown here http://wiki.typo3.org/External_links

Generelly, I just create a new register containing the class name of the link and then I use the class name to add the wrap to the link.

lib.parseFunc.tags.link {
  typolink.parameter.append = LOAD_REGISTER
  typolink.parameter.append {
    linkClass {
      cObject = TEXT
      cObject {
        stdWrap.data = parameters:allParams
      # Split link params by space-char. 3rd value is the link class name
      split {
        token.char = 32
        cObjNum = 1||2||3
        3 = TEXT
        3.current = 1        
  newWrap.cObject = CASE
  newWrap.cObject {
    key.data = register:linkClass
    # Set outer wrap for links depending on class name
    default = TEXT
    default.value = |
    myClass = TEXT
    myClass.value = <div class="anotherClass">|</div>
    internal-link = TEXT
    internal-link.value = <div class="anotherClassForInternalLink">|</div>

lib.parseFunc_RTE.tags.link {
  typolink.parameter.append < lib.parseFunc.tags.link.typolink.parameter.append
  wrap < lib.parseFunc.tags.link.newWrap

Looks wired, but works perfectly :-)

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