If I want to set my Font I can use

new Font=("Times New Roman", 12, Drawing.FontStyle.Bold)

Instead of Bold, I can use Italic, Regular or Underline.

But I want to make use of Bold and Italic at the same time.

How can I do this?


The FontStyle enumeration is a flags enumeration, so you can combine values (using the Or operator in VB.NET, | in c#):

new Font("Times New Roman", 12, Drawing.FontStyle.Bold Or Drawing.FontStyle.Italic)
  • Thanks dear. I tired using and. Thanks indeed. – ssm Feb 2 '10 at 19:08
  • PowerShell was a little balky about this--you can't just take the result of the bitwise or operation and use it as an argument, you have to cast it back to a [System.Drawing.FontStyle]. For posterity, here's the syntax that worked for me: $Label.Font = New-Object System.Drawing.Font('Microsoft Sans Serif',8.25,[System.Drawing.FontStyle]([System.Drawing.FontStyle]::Bold -bor [System.Drawing.FontStyle]::Underline)). – Adi Inbar Nov 5 '13 at 2:11

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