In Python's nosetests you can just specify to run one test by calling its class followed by the test name. How can we do this with Elixir's ExUnit?

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You can now do mix test path/to/test.exs:13, where 13 is the line of the test.

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    Actually now you can by added the line number of the test to the end of the above mix command
    – Dokie
    Aug 10, 2014 at 16:16
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    For umbrella project, do not include apps/app_name in the file path. Even if the file path from root directory is apps/app_name/test/app_name_test.exs, just run mix test test/app_name_test.exs:13. See this. Aug 23, 2017 at 17:41

Add a tag to a test (e.g. wip) and run with the mix --only flag.

@tag :wip
test "only run this test" do
  assert true

Run as: mix test --only wip

This will only run tests with the defined tag, skipping all others.


I asked the same question today on IRC and the guys answered (thanks Nhu and José) that now I can do it with mix.

You can run a single test with:

mix test path/to/file_test.exs:42

If you work with Vim, you can create a mapping like I did here (based on vim-rspec).


It seems that Amrita can run one specific test at a time:


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