I am trying to find a way to read multiple ports using tcpdump. Suppose I have two ports, p1 and p2, and I want to read the traffic moving through both ports simultaneously. Is there any way to do it using tcpdump or will I have to use some other tool?

Basically I am running a proxy server which is running on some port. I want to read the traffic moving through this port as well traffic moving through port 80(HTTP).

tcpdump port 80 or port 3128

or, alternatively,

tcpdump port '(80 or 443)'
  • Will all the extra ports apply for the previously defined interface? eg.: tcpdump -i eth0 port 80 or port 8080 [...] Or I have to select it explicitly for each port, like: tcp -i eth0 port 80 or -i eth0 8080? Both syntaxes working, but I'm unsure which one's correct. – Gergely Lukacsy Jul 24 '17 at 14:51
  • 1
    The -i option applies to the command as a whole, so you don't need it more than once. – caf Jul 25 '17 at 3:47

if you want to filter ports based on the range then use portrange.


tcpdump -an portrange 1-25

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