My code is working properly in Google Chrome, but not in Safari.

I figured out that I need to convert yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss to ISO 8601, but I didn't found a solution to do this.

Online Test Link: http://jsfiddle.net/UVgHR/


$(document).ready(function() {

    setInterval(calculateMinutes, 60000);


function calculateMinutes() {
    $('.calculateMinutes').each(function () {
        var diff = Math.abs(new Date( $(this).data('timestamp') ) - new Date());
        var minutes = Math.floor((diff/1000)/60);
        $(this).html( minutes + ' min.' );

HTML Example:

<span class="calculateMinutes" data-timestamp="2014-02-18 15:00:48">

To make your question easier your problem is with:

new Date('2014-02-18 15:00:48')

This work okay in chrome but not in safari. The mdn talks about ECMAScript 5 ISO-8601 format support says:

Alternatively, the date/time string may be in ISO 8601 format. For example, "2011-10-10" (just date) or "2011-10-10T14:48:00" (date and time) can be passed and parsed.

If you include T it works:

new Date('2014-02-18T15:00:48')

You can use new Date('2014-02-18T15:00:48'.replace(/\s/, 'T')).

If you handle a lot of cases like this I will recommend using moment which seems to handle this case very well with or without T: parsing from string. Additionally your whole example is easier with momentjs:

var minutes = moment().diff("2014-02-18 15:00:48", 'minutes');

I think Jose missed one point here - Do not forget to include Z or else there will be lag of the timezone.

new Date('2014-02-18T15:00:48') new Date('2014-02-18T15:00:48Z')

You can use new Date('2014-02-18T15:00:48'.replace(/\s/, 'T')+'Z').

Refer this for more info - new Date() works differently in Chrome and Firefox

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I've seen an issue like this before and what works for me is to replace the space between the Date and the Time with a T. Try this:

Updated JavaScript:

function calculateMinutes() {
    $('.calculateMinutes').each(function () {
        var timestamp = $(this).data('timestamp').replace(' ', 'T');
        var diff = Math.abs(new Date(timestamp) - new Date());
        var minutes = Math.floor((diff / 1000) / 60);
        $(this).html(minutes + ' min.');

JSFiddle here.

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