I have an exsting which is deployed on Windows Azure. But the deployment has been failed with following error. How to fix his

Copying file SqlServerTypes\x64\SqlServerSpatial110.dll to C:\DWASFiles\Sites\<project>\Temp\b3d105f6-8fd0-4093-9957-8174422abded\SqlServerTypes\x64\SqlServerSpatial110.dll failed. Could not find file 'SqlServerTypes\x64\SqlServerSpatial110.dll'. 

How do I fix this issue?


I had this problem recently and found this blog post that solved it for me: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/adonet/archive/2013/12/09/microsoft-sqlserver-types-nuget-package-spatial-on-azure.aspx

Effectively the solution is to add a NuGet package called Microsoft.SqlServer.Types to your project. This package comes with a readme that explains what you need to do and it's very straightforward.


Installing NuGet package Microsoft.SqlServer.Types solved the problem. But remember also to add this line before calling any spatial operation:


This is explained inside readme.htm after installing NuGet package.

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