We would like to integrate Jira with our local reporting application. I would like to ask whether is possible to get the worklog per Jira project. I mean whether I could retrieve all of the logged times for a specific project and a specific date range. Another solution could be to retrieve all of the users assigned to the project and their logged times for a certain period. F.e.

  • Retrieve all of the users assigned to project xy
  • Retrieve the work log for user John Doe for February (total hours worked and in the best case also the tasks he was working on)

I am quite new in Jira and the its rest api, therefore each advice will be appreciated.


You can use this rest end point to find out what are issues of project with using jql query like:

project = PROJECT_KEY

You need to use SearchResult#getTotal to find out how many issues actually given project contains and later call N number of times searchJql with appropriate startAt value. When you have issue keys for a particular project you need to use getIssue to retrieve an Issue object which have a method getWorklogs. When you fetch worklogs of issue you need to iterate over them and collect values you are interested in. Each worklog object have methods:

  1. getAuthor()
  2. getMinutesSpent()
  3. getUpdateDate()

With this data you can achieve all of your goals. You will have information who, worked how long, on which issues and so on.

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